Rhode Island KIDS COUNT Fact Sheets 

In addition to the annual Factbook, the Issue Brief series, Special Publications, our Presentations, and Data Tools, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT publishes Fact Sheet series on the well-being of Rhode Island children and families. 

Health Fact Sheet Series:

Trends in Tobacco Use Among Rhode Island Youth

E-cigarettes are devices that allow users to inhale an aerosol which typically contains nicotine, flavorings, and other additives or chemicals. Both middle and high school students report using e-cigarettes at much higher rates than traditional cigarettes. From 2017 to 2019, the percentage of Rhode Island high school students using e-cigarettes increased from 20% to 30%, while cigarette use continued to decline. Please see the full Tobacco Fact Sheets for information on:

The Student-Centered Learning Fact Sheet Series:

Each of the Student-Centered Learning Fact Sheets will highlight state policies that support and limit the spread of student-centered learning practices, highlight best practices in Rhode Island and across the nation, and provide recommendations for expanding and strengthening student-centered learning in Rhode Island.

The Child Welfare Fact Sheet Series

Each Child Welfare Fact Sheet focuses on a specific topic area within the child welfare system, and provides the latest available data, key facts, and recommendations for each topic. Learn more about:

The Early Learning Fact Sheet Series:

Each Early Learning Fact Sheet focuses on a specific area within the early learning continuum, and provides the latest available data, key facts, and recommendations for each topic. Please click below to learn more about:


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