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Virtual Strolling Thunder RI and Child Care Day

On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT facilitated Strolling Thunder RI in partnership with RIght From the Start. Although we can’t physically make it to the State House for our annual advocacy event, that couldn't stop our army of parents and cute kids from “virtually strolling” to push for policies and legislation to ensure that ALL Rhode Island kids, regardless of zip code, race, ethnicity, or family income, get off to the right start in life. 
  • Please see the activity on Twitter, the activity on Facebook, and amazing Facebook live Capitol TV broadcast
  • Click here to learn more about the RIght from the Start Campaign’s policy priorities.  
  • RIght from the Start is a campaign to advance policies for young children and their families in Rhode Island. RIght from the Start Steering Committee members include Beautiful Beginnings, Economic Progress Institute, Latino Policy Institute, Rhode Island Association for Infant Mental Health, Rhode Island Association for the Education of Young Children, Rhode Island KIDS COUNT, and Woonsocket Head Start Child Development Association.

Virtual Release: Updated Child Overweight and Obesity Policy Brief

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT, in partnership with the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute and the Center for Health Data and Analysis at the Rhode Island Department of Health held a virtual dialogue on newly available child overweight and obesity data. At the event, we released our latest Policy Brief -- Childhood Overweight and Obesity: Updated Data for Rhode Island. For more information, please see the full publication, media release, and the virtual release event recording.


Rhode Island KIDS COUNT Releases 26th Annual Factbook Focusing on the Status of Rhode Island’s Children

The 2020 Rhode Island Kids Count Factbook charts improvements and declines in the well-being of Rhode Island’s 203,908 children with a core focus on equity. The Factbook allows us to take stock of where Rhode Island effectively supports children’s development and where we need to focus increased attention and efforts. Rhode Island KIDS COUNT is focused on the impact that COVID-19 is having and will have on Rhode Islanders, particularly our most vulnerable children and families. Exacerbating racial and ethnic and economic disparities as a result of this crisis is a serious concern.


The information presented in the 2020 Rhode Island Kids Count Factbook can help our state and local leaders and policymakers make well-informed policy decisions that support the well-being of all children and families in Rhode Island during this current public health crisis and every day. For more information, please see the media release and executive summary.


A Message to Our Partners

Communities, families, parents, and students -- We see you! We see the weight that #Covid19 has placed on your shoulders. We ourselves are parents, children of older adults, and neighbors -- as well as Rhode Islanders. We are with you in this. And while we can’t make it go away, we want you to know that you’re not alone.


In light of the pandemic, many priorities and tasks have been shifted -- and necessarily so. Social distancing requires a level of flexibility and patience that can feel downright uncomfortable.


But it’s in our name -- Rhode Island KIDS COUNT. Kids count. Families count. Their communities count. Please rest assured that we are committed to the work ahead. Public health and safety is our first priority right now, and advocating for Rhode Island children and families is a core piece of this priority. All staff are available via email and we are very active on social media.


Let's Get Social While Social Distancing

“We know how perceptive children are and how naturally curious they are. Kids really feel empowered when they know what to do to keep themselves safe...What we're trying to do is share either educational or fun activities for families and kids to do to keep them occupied - and also we care about parents and families, too. We know that everybody's routine is disrupted," -- this excerpt from our chat with Barbara Morse summarizes our efforts on Facebook and Twitter! Please join the conversation on these platforms while we navigate COVID-19.

UPDATE: Factbook Breakfast Canceled - Prioritizing Public Health 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak and with safety in mind, we will not be holding the Factbook Breakfast on April 6. We are still diligently working on the 2020 Rhode Island Kids Count Factbook and plan to release the publication the week of April 6. If you have purchased a ticket, we will refund you. Thank you for your understanding and be well!

MARCH 2020

March 5 - Lecture in Child Behavior and Development

Elizabeth Spelke, Marshall L. Berkman Professor of Psychology at Harvard University delivered the annual Lewis P. and Edna Duchin Lipsitt Lecture in Child Behavior and Development, “What Infants Know: Harnessing Basic Science to Support Children’s Learning.” Discussants were Khadija Lewis Khan (Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center) and Lisa Nugent, (Rhode Island Department of Education). The Lecture was held on Thursday, March 5, at 4:00 pm in the Salomon Center for Teaching on Brown University's Campus.


Analysis of the Governor's Proposed Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

On January 16, 2020, Governor Gina Raimondo released her Fiscal Year 2021 Budget. Rhode Island KIDS COUNT has prepared the following Analysis of the Governor's Proposed FY 2021 Budget. The Governor's proposed budget includes many items that will affect the well-being of Rhode Island's children and families. Rhode Island KIDS COUNT will be tracking bills and budget items that relate to children and youth throughout the 2020 legislative session. Here on our website, you can access information on important legislation and upcoming hearings and read our public testimony on behalf of Rhode Island's children, youth, and families.

The Factbook

The Rhode Island KIDS COUNT Factbook tracks the progress of 71 Indicators, across five areas of child well-being. View the 2020 Rhode Island Kids Count Factbook.

Rhode Island KIDS COUNT works to improve the health, safety, education, economic security, and development of Rhode Island’s children.


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